Therapeutic Listening

Capable Kids is able to offer the Therapeutic Listening Program in all of Occupational Therapy sessions. All of our Occupational Therapists have attended the Therapeutic Listening Training and are experienced in providing this program for children with a range of difficulties. Therapeutic Listening, was developed by Occupational Therapist, Sheila Frick and is based on the Tomatis Method for Listening and Sensory Integration Frameworks. It  has been shown to be successful for people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attention and communication. Parents, teachers and therapists have seen significant results in focus and attention, mood regulation, energy levels, tolerance to noise and other sensory input, sleep, handwriting , behaviour and anxiety.

Therapeutic listening works by stimulating the vestibular-cochlear system, therefore enhancing the accuracy of the sensory information that this systems sends to its multiple neural pathways within the nervous system. The vestibular-cochlear system was the first to develop in utero, and provides a foundation for space and time organisation for all other sensory systems. The digitally altered sound tracks that are played through special headphones when a person participates in Therapeutic listening positively impacts the nervous system, improving the integration between the brainstem and the limbic system which in turn improves posture, balance, coordination, integration of both sides of the body, visual spatial skills, emotional regulation and motor planning.

When participating in the Therapeutic Listening program, your child will listen to the specialised tracks through specially designed headphones. These headphones are made by Sennheiser (HD500A) and are available through Capable Kids. Although this program used to be available only on CD, it is now available in MP3 form, using an MP3 player which clips onto the headphones to decrease distraction and limited mobility. These modules are available for hire through Capable Kids.